All we want for Christmas is a decent Pay Rise!

Dear members,

Last month, one of our officers has filed a Freedom of Information request with the University, inquiring about the total of bonuses paid to our highest earning staff (Grade IB and above) and a breakdown of the 10 highest bonuses paid to staff during 2021 financial year.

We have now received a response and can share it with you:

• Total of bonuses paid to staff on Grades IB and staff who sit outside and above of the standard pay scale for the 2021 financial year.

• A breakdown of the 10 highest bonuses paid to staff members during the 2021 financial year. The 10 highest bonuses paid in the 2021 financial year were all £5,000.

Meanwhile, we have been repeatedly informed the University cannot afford to pay staff one off payments to relieve the burden of the cost of living crisis. Other universities in the region have paid out £1,000 (Durham) or £500 (Sunderland) to each employee. We feel that even if £5,000 is not a big bonus compared to the private sector payouts we hear about in the media, this money could have been used better if it was directed to, for example, help 400 of our lowest paid staff pay their skyrocketing energy bills.

This is why we ask you to send your strike ballot vote in – help us fight for better pay and better support four Newcastle University employees.

With warm wishes,

Your Branch Exec